Service Fees

It is  free to sign up, purchase or rent items, and list items for sale or rent. We only charge a small success fees to a Seller when an item is sold or rented.


You will be charged just 6.9% (+2.9% credit card & admin fee) of the sale price (less Shipping), when your items sell. That’s it! The fee is automatically deducted before being released to your DW Wallet.

You also receive  100% of the Shipping cost that you have charged the Buyer!


It is free to list your items for rent. We only charge a small Service Fees to Lenders (the item's Owner) when an item is successfully rented.

How does it work?


Service Fee

When you lend items out - Designer Wardrobe charges a flat success fee of $18.95. For items you are renting where you are charging over $95, you keep 80% and Designer Wardrobe's commission is 20%.

It is always free to list items for rent - success fees are only charged when items are rented. The fee is automatically deducted before being released to your DW Wallet.



You receive 100% of the Shipping cost that you charge (typically $5 for an overnight, tracked delivery).

Tip: Just don't include the cost of the return - this is the responsibility of the Borrower.



You know your item best, that's why it's up to you to dry-clean your items after a rental.

Tip: We recommend adding $15-25 to your rental fee to cover dry-cleaning, depending on the item's material.

Don't forget - we've got you covered when renting, with Rip & Stain Protection on all rentals.
Learn more about Rental Insurance

How much should I charge for my rental?

You are welcome to set your own prices for your items - however the lower the price, the more demand you will have for your item!

The standard rental fee is around 5-15% of the retail price of your item.

For example, if your dress retails at around $450 - a typical rental fee would be around $70 + Shipping.

When do I get paid for my rental?

An important question! We listened and have made this faster than ever.

From now on, you will get paid at 5pm on the same day your rental has been received to the Borrower - or - at 5pm on the day your rental is due to commence (whatever comes first).

Is there a fee for withdrawing my earnings?

Absolutely not, that's all yours! There is no cost to you when withdrawing your earnings from your DW Wallet to your bank account.

What currency are Service Fees charged in?

All fees are in $NZD (New Zealand Dollars).