Service Fees

It is  free to sign up, purchase or rent items, and list items for sale. We only charge a small success fees to a Seller when an item is sold or rented.


It is always free to list items for sale - success fees are only charged when items are sold. The fee is automatically deducted before being released to your DW Wallet.

  • For sales under $40, Designer Wardrobe takes a flat fee of only $3.95.
  • For sales above $40, you keep over 90% of your sale and Designer Wardrobe's commission is just 9.8%.

Please note: there may be a small card payment fee if the Buyer pays via Credit Card.  Learn more

Is there a fee for withdrawing my earnings?

Absolutely not, that's all yours! There is no cost to you when withdrawing your earnings from your DW Wallet to your bank account.