What is a Rental “Request”?

Found a rental you love? Great! You can go ahead and Send a Request to the item’s Owner.

We will contact the Lender on your behalf, and they will have 24 hours to let you know that they will be able to rent the item to you? How do I make a request?

How do I make a request?


On the item you are wanting to rent - simply select the most appropriate date (if available), and then click Request.


We will contact the item’s Owner (Lender) - and let them know you are wanting to rent this item on the specified date.


We pre-authorise your Credit Card. Don’t worry, we will only charge you if your rental request is successful.

Learn More about Credit Card Pre-Authorisation


The Lender will then respond to your request, and we’ll let you know straight away - easy!


If the rental is Accepted - you don’t need to do anything else. We will go ahead and charge your Credit Card the Rental Fee for the pre-authorised amount.

To avoid any disappointment, if we do not hear from the Lender in 24 hours, your Request will be cancelled.

Don’t worry, if your request is declined or we do not receive a response - you will not be charged.

Tip: Keep track of all your rentals in our handy Dashboard