Help! My country is incorrect

Please note Designer Wardrobe is currently only available in New Zealand and Australia. We apologise for any inconvenience.

How do you know what country I am in?

We use some smart technology in the background to work out what country we think you from. We mainly do this by looking at your devices IP Address.

My country is displaying incorrectly - what do I do?

For various reasons, from time to time our system may think you are in New Zealand if you are in Australia, or vice versa. Please note, at this time you are unable to change this to the correct country yourself.

If you are experiencing this issue:

Please make sure you are Logged in. If your account's location is correct - this will override the incorrect location being displayed.
Log in to DW using a difference device, on a different network. For example, some workplace have servers based in other countries, and this may confuse our systems.

I am still having issues

If you are still experiencing issues - please complete a  Change of Location Request - this will take around 15 seconds. We are able to manually change your location, and get you back up and running as soon as possible!