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DW Valet Rental Service

Our Valet Rental Service enables you to run your own rental business through Designer Wardrobe without any of the headaches of shipping, dry-cleaning or managing bookings. 

How does it work?

Items that are listed through DW Valet Rentals look like normal DW Rentals and can be rented out by any of our members through our stores, website or app.

The difference is that you (the owner of the item) receive 50% of the rental price each time it’s booked.

We take care of everything - all the shipping, dry-cleaning and booking management - leaving you free to sit back and wait for your monthly payments to come through!

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

To submit your items for DW Valet Rental, simply fill out the form here.

Our team will review your items and get back to you within 5 business days letting you know whether they’ve been accepted for a physical inspection, and how to get them to us. 

If the items then pass our physical inspection we’ll set a fair rental price. This is based on our knowledge of the rental market and what customers will pay to rent the item.

Provided you’re happy with the rental price we’ll go ahead and put the item into our system to be rented, and you can relax and wait for your monthly payments.

Please note you need to consign your item(s) to us for a minimum period of 6 months.

What happens if my item is damaged or lost?

We’ve been running DW Rentals for almost 2 years now and the number of items that have been damaged beyond repair, or lost is very (very!) few. However, there’s always a risk that this could happen. 

We offer our DW Rip & Stain Protection on Valet Rental items meaning that if a customer purchases this they’re covered up to $250 value for any damage. For you, this means that we will either cover the cost of repairing the item, or replacing it if necessary. 

If the damage is greater than $250 or the customer didn’t purchase insurance we will follow our usual collection procedures to recoup what’s needed to cover repair or replacement. Should this not be possible within 90 days we will cover this cost ourselves - this is how confident we are in how rarely it happens!

Should the item need replacement and this isn’t possible (e.g. the item is no longer on sale) we will calculate a fair current retail price and pay this directly to you.

What do I do if I want my item back?

While you of course always own your items; when you consign any item to DW Valet Rentals, we require that you leave it with us for at least 6 months. We will of course review special circumstances, but this gives us a fair chance to make a great return for you. Any shorter period of time unfortunately makes it difficult to achieve this (and tough for us to manage!).

However, if after this point you want your item returned to you, that’s not a problem!

Just contact us to let us know which item(s) you want back and we’ll get these back to you within 10 working days, provided there aren’t any upcoming bookings. If there are upcoming bookings then we’ll need to fulfil these before we can return the item to you. Note that 80% of DW Rentals bookings aren’t made more than 10 days in advance, so it’s unlikely you’ll have to wait long. 

It’s very important to note that as this is a rental service there will be wear and tear on your item(s). This in unavoidable and though we take the utmost care to gently clean items (using eco-friendly dry-cleaning) they are being worn so they will naturally age. 

DW takes no responsibility for what we deem to be standard wear and tear on your item(s).

Important Terms:

  • We reserve the right to return any item at any time that we deem unsuitable for continuing to consign as a DW Valet Rental. This could be due to the garment condition, low popularity or any other reason.
  • DW takes no responsibility for what we identify as standard wear and tear on your item(s).
  • Payments of your rental commission will be made on the 1