Security and Bond Policy


What is repairable damage?
What if an item is damaged beyond repair - or - lost, stolen or for any reason not returned?
I may have an issue - what do I do?

We have you covered: Each time you rent out an item, it is covered for repairable damage (such as minor stains and damage). For this reason, you do not need to charge a bond. Please note that any listings that attempt to charge a bond will be removed.

What is repairable damage?

Most of our members take great care in renting items and the damage rate is extremely low. However, as is the nature of rentals we understand that every now and again some damage may be inevitable.

For each successful rental of your item we will cover any repairable damage. This is only made available to cover you in the rare circumstance of minor damage to your item (such as minor stains) that were the direct result of a rental on Designer Wardrobe. Typically, we limit any payout for damage up to $50 NZD.

Any decision to cover any damage is at the sole discretion of Designer Wardrobe, and must be requested via Opening a Dispute.*

To Open a Dispute - simply locate your rental under  Manage Rentals, and select Lender Support.

What if an item is damaged beyond repair - or - lost, stolen or for any reason not returned?

Lenders put a lot of trust that Borrowers will treat their items with the same amount of care as their own clothing. While we understand that minor damage of clothing can sometimes happen, in the very rare circumstance where an item is irreparable due to significant damage, or has been lost, stolen or for any reason not returned - the Borrower will be liable to pay a replacement and/or reimbursement cost. The cost we on-charge to Borrowers is also dependent on whether or not they purchased DW Insurance when renting the item out.

For simplicity, the replacement and reimbursement cost is at the discretion of Designer Wardrobe, and indicatively we will attempt to charge the borrower at 1.2x fair market value, taking into consideration all factors (e.g. retail price/depreciation/condition etc.). Recovered funds are directly returned to the item’s owner as reimbursement, not including payment processing and any administrative fees.

In some instances, and at our own discretion, Designer Wardrobe may offer full replacement compensation for a damaged dress. In this instance, Designer Wardrobe is effectively purchasing the item off you as compensation for the damage that has occurred and we reserve the right to re-purpose the item.

It is important to note that while we will make every attempt to contact the Borrower and recover the item and/or replacement and/or reimbursement costs - we are unable to guarantee successful recovery in monetary form, or the return of the item.  Learn what this means
We want you to have a great time renting on DW! While any issues are extremely rare, we recommend you carefully read our Terms and Conditions before renting out your items.