Shipping Policy

In order to ensure great experience when Buying and Selling, all sales on Designer Wardrobe are shipped are Tracked and Traced on an  Overnight Courier.

If you are using a DW Shipping Kit

When you sell an item and have chosen to use a DW Shipping Kit, we send you a pre-paid, pre-addressed courier bag. All you need to do is drop it at the post office! Tracking information is automatically sent to the Buyer.

If you do not receive your DW Shipping Kit within 3 weekdays of a sale,  please let us know as soon as possible.

Please note you must select to use a DW Shipping Kit prior to selling an item - we are unable to arrange this after a sale has been completed.

If you are arranging your own Shipping

You must arrange to send the item within 2 weekdays of a sale being paid for by the Buyer.
The cost for Shipping domestically is always included in the listing price.
In order to ensure a great experience when Buying and Selling, all sales on Designer Wardrobe must be Tracked and Traced on an Overnight Courier.
Where possible, please enter the Tracking number into your sale.
If you do not enter your tracking, or send your item on an unsupported courier - we are unable to pay you out automatically. Your earnings will be available once the Buyer has confirmed they have received the item - or - 7 weekdays after the item was paid for.

Click here to read about what couriers we support
If an item is not sent their items via a Tracked method, the Seller may be liable for a full refund if the item is misplaced.

Please note that purchases from New Zealand on average take 7-10 days for delivery after Purchase. This is to allow for Shipping and Inspection, to make sure your item is as per the listing description.