Why is my listing being reviewed?

While we don't manually review every listing that is created, from time to time a listing may require review from an admin due to meeting certain criteria that is flagged on our system. We always aim to review listings as fast as possible, usually within 12-24 hours.

Some possible reasons for your listing being flagged:


External links

There are links within your listing description that need review.

Please note that you are welcome to list links to brands and other online shops - however for your safety we do not allow listings to other Buy/Sell groups or social media pages

Unaccepted Brand

Your listing contains a brand that we do not accept at this time.  Learn more about the brands we accept.



We use an automated image recognition system that will identify the content of images. If the system does not believe your image is fashion-related, it may be flagged for review.

Please note that as we continually improve our image recognition technology, from time to time there may be "false positives". We apologise for any inconvenience.

Duplicated listing

You may have accidentally posted a listing twice or more.

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