How does Valet work?

Do you have a wardrobe full of designer clothes but no time to list them?  Send them to DW Valet to us on your behalf!

What is DW Valet?

DW Valet is a premium service for women who don't have time to list items themselves. For convenience, you can just send your items to us and we'll do the rest ( all the pricing, photography, listing, questions and anything else).

We even make the sending part easy by mailing you a pre-paid DW Valet Kit, free of charge. When your item sells, we will deposit your earnings into your DW Wallet where you can withdraw to your bank account at no cost, or spend on the marketplace getting something new.

When our team receives the item - we will professionally price, photograph and list your item - and answer any questions from members.

How to use DW Valet:

Send your items to us free
We review your items
We list your items for you - and you'll be able to view them from the Dashboard.
You get paid when they sell!
It's not only convenient but great value - when you sell an item, you keep up to  80% of the sale price!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sent my items, and do you pay for postage?

It's easy! Just request a free shipping kit and we'll get a pre-paid Shipping kit to you. There is no cost to you for this service.

How long does it take to get my item listed?

We aim to have all items up within 72 hours of the team receiving it - however this may be longer during peak periods.

Does the item get sold under my name?

Because we are managing your item for you, when we sell items on behalf of our members it is all done under our DW Valet account to keep it all simple.

Do you accept all brands that are on the Designer Wardrobe?

Although there's a lot of brands we wish we could accept, because of the high volumes we have a select range of brands that we are accept for our Valet. To view this at any time, please click  here.

Does everything have to be in perfect condition?

We don't expect every item to be in perfect condition - but the general rule of thumb is "great condition" at a minimum. All items need to be freshly laundered with no stains, excessive tears or odours. Please remember to do a once-over before sending to us to prevent us from sending the items back.

How long will you keep my items?

We keep items for a maximum of 6 weeks. After this time we will send it back to you for a set fee of $10 incl. GST, or donate to a charity of our choice if you prefer (and  only at your written consent).

What are the fees?

We love to make things easy for you while giving great value. Sending items to us is always free - but when you sell an item through DW Valet, you keep between 55% - 80% of the sale price depending on how much the item sells for. This includes professional photography of your items, pricing, answering questions as well as sending it off to the Buyer.

Item Net Selling Price You Keep
$65 or less 55%
$65.01 - $99.99 60%
$100.01 - $299.99 70%
More than $300 80%

How are items priced?

Items are professionally priced based on a range of factors. This will include RRP/condition/age of item/season/brand/demand. We work very hard to get a fair price for everyone.

What if my item doesn't sell?

You'll be pleased to know that most items that are sent to us sell! We keep items for up to 6 weeks, and do whatever we can to get a great price for you - however if we are unable to sell the item for you we will return your item (as well as any other items that are with us) for a flat rate of just $10, or you are welcome to donate to charity free of charge.

Can I choose my own pricing?

Unfortunately, you are unable to do this. However if you do not agree with a price that has been submitted, please  contact us and we will be more than happy to work through it with you.

Can I see when my items have been listed?

Yes! If you log in under your normal account and go to your Dashboard, you can click on My Valet Listings to view your current Valet items.

Sounds great - how do I request my free Shipping Kit?

We look forward to receiving your items! Just click  here to start.