DW Fees

It is  free to sign up, purchase items and list items for sale. We only charge a small success fees to the Seller when an item is sold.


It is always free to list items for sale - success fees are only charged when items are sold. The fee is automatically deducted before being released to your DW Wallet.

  • For sales under $40, Designer Wardrobe takes a flat fee of only $3.95
  • For sales above $40, you keep over 90% of your sale and Designer Wardrobe's commission is just 9.8%

- There may be a small card payment fee if the buyer pays via Credit Card. Learn more
- Sales includes the total transaction amount (including shipping)

Why are fees charged?

The fees are associated with the costs of running the DW platform and processing payments (as well as many things - like design, engineering and having a great support team!). Shoppers are also able to choose their preferred purchase method (Credit Card or Laybuy), which makes it a lot easier to pay for items. It’s great for you because it means your listings are more likely to sell.

We only charge fees when you make a sale - it's always free to list!

Is there a fee for withdrawing my earnings?

Absolutely not, that's all yours! There is no cost to you when withdrawing your earnings from your DW Wallet to your bank account.

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